Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

Illinois’ economic weakness results in nation’s highest black unemployment rate

Only 51 percent of black adults reported having some form of work in Illinois.

By Michael Lucci

7 Illinois properties rank among nation’s top 100 property tax bills

Though most of the top 100 property tax bills came from New York, the state with the second most entries was Illinois. The 13th highest bill in the country belonged to Exelon’s nuclear generating station in Byron, Illinois, totaling $36.5 million in 2016.

By Brendan Bakala

Illinois tax hikes

Akuna Capital signed tax break deal with state of Illinois estimated to be worth $4.5M

In 2015, Chicago-headquartered Akuna Capital LLC signed a deal with the state of Illinois that state officials estimated to be worth $4.5 million. As part of the agreement, Akuna agreed to hire 10 new employees. The agreement states the new hires specialized in trading and software.

By Brendan Bakala

Illinois owes $3.5M in past-due utility bills

The state government owes the City Water, Light and Power of Springfield $3.5 million on past-due utility bills for state offices. The past-due utility bills are just one part of Illinois’ more than $14.3 billion bill backlog.

By Brendan Bakala

State Rep. Ives’ Senate tax hike roadblock

Illinois has the nation’s highest black unemployment rate

New Bureau of Labor Statistics data show Illinois’ black residents have an unemployment rate of 12.7 percent, more than double the state’s overall rate.

By Michael Lucci

Illinois State Senator Andy Manar jumps the shark

SB 1905 designed to ban local Right to Work in Illinois

The Illinois House Labor and Commerce Committee has passed a bill to prohibit municipalities in Illinois from enacting local Right-to-Work measures. The bill now heads to the full House of Representatives for a hearing.

By Jim Long

Constitutional amendment term limiting legislative leaders advances

A bill that would apply term limits to legislative leaders in the Illinois House and Senate cleared a major hurdle May 19, and is scheduled for a second reading May 22.

By Joe Kaiser

Illinois House has spent less than 6 hours in session this month

House members have spent as much time playing softball and basketball as they have in session since the beginning of May.

By Austin Berg

Bill to honor Barack Obama’s birthday headed to Gov. Rauner

Illinois Senate Bill 55 would observe former President Barack Obama’s Aug. 4 birthday, but keep state facilities open.

By Brendan Bakala

State lawmakers don’t really care about the budget

The odds Illinois continues without a budget until 2018 increase sharply if nothing passes before the end of May

By Austin Berg