Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

Illinois stopgap budget

Pension board votes to revoke lawmaker pension for Hastert

Former U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Dennis Hastert had been receiving nearly $30,000 annually from the underfunded General Assembly Retirement System.

By Eric Kohn

Chicago Public Schools budget shortfall: a manufactured crisis

Chicago Public Schools is faced with the possibility of closing school early while Chicago sits on massive property wealth.

By Chris Lentino

New bill would identify Illinois lawmakers who haven’t filed tax returns

Illinois House Bill 4039 would reveal publicly the names of state lawmakers who haven’t filed their state tax returns.

By Brendan Bakala

Homeowners in collar counties pay highest property taxes in Illinois

Residents of Chicago’s collar counties pay the highest property taxes in the state – and some of the highest in the country.

By Joe Kaiser

Illinois universities’ credit descends into junk territory

Illinois universities have hiked tuition and relied on state subsidies to pay for exorbitant administrative salaries – and now they’re feeling the effects of that destructive behavior.

By Ted Dabrowski, John Klingner

Illinois tax hikes

2 graphics show why Illinois’ social services and taxpayers are getting stiffed

Government worker retirement costs and interest on state retirement debt are squeezing out funding for social service providers and taxpayer relief.

By Michael Lucci

Illinois state Rep. Mussman’s property tax scam

BLS jobs report shows weak economy in Illinois, recovery in neighboring states

Illinois saw a 0.23 percent increase in jobs in the first quarter of 2017, the third-worst growth rate in the region.

By Michael Lucci

Illinois lawmakers passed 938 bills that became law from 2015 to 2017 – just 3% had a price tag

Despite Illinois’ severe financial problems, less than 3 percent of bills passed by the 99th General Assembly and enacted into law have fiscal notes.

By Brendan Bakala

Chicago aldermen propose $33 per employee ‘head tax’ on city employers

At a time when businesses are fleeing the state, a group of Chicago aldermen are attempting to revive the employer’s expense tax to bail out Chicago Public Schools.

By Chris Lentino