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The cost of crossing Madigan

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s election to the speaker position in 16 of the last 17 legislative sessions is a testament to the loyalty he demands from his Democratic colleagues.

By Eric Kohn

How Madigan left the Cubs in the dark

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s grip on the state’s legislative process once delayed the Cubs’ quest for lights at Wrigley Field – and 30 years later, the Cubs are still feuding with politicians.

By Joe Kaiser

September jobs report: Manufacturing jobs down, white-collar jobs up; workforce dropout continues overall

The divergence between professional and blue-collar work continued in September, and a shrinking workforce coincided with steady seasonal out-migration.

By Michael Lucci

Poll shows Illinoisans support both unions and Right to Work principles

A new Paul Simon Public Policy Institute poll reveals that nearly half of Illinoisans support Right-to-Work laws – but that more education on worker freedom is needed.

By Mailee Smith

U-Haul rental rates reflect Illinois’ out-migration crisis

Chicagoans’ strong demand for one-way moves to Houston, Texas, and to Naples, Fla., is driving up moving-truck rental costs.

By Madelyn Harwood

Average Metropolitan Water Reclamation District employee makes nearly $100K per year

Government employees responsible for managing water quality are earning six-figure salaries, despite a recent history of slacking on taxpayers’ time.

By Mindy Ruckman

Alex Schmidt

“I lived in Illinois my entire life until April of this year. My wife and I moved to Cypress, Texas, outside of Houston. I’m back in Chicago for a conference. I was paying $12,000 a month in property taxes in Highland Park. As soon as I had to get a property tax attorney a light...

Over 370 Cook County correctional officers call off work during Cubs playoff run

Cook County correctional officers’ unusually high use of sick and family medical leave coincides with Cubs playoff games.

By Brendan Bakala

Fall in Illinois

Young workers, public policy failures are driving Illinois’ out-migration

New poll indicates that younger workers want to flee the state the most, and Illinois’ high-tax, anti-growth policies are encouraging them to do so.

By Michael Lucci

AFSCME’s demands come at expense of neediest Illinoisans

By demanding a larger share of the state’s limited resources, AFSCME is depleting state funds and keeping them from social service providers and other Illinoisans who most need them.

By Mailee Smith

Leaked Clinton emails display Madigan’s power ahead of documentary release

Madigan rules Illinois with an iron grip. And failure to follow through on a favor can come with dire consequences.

By Austin Berg

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